Turbocharger 101

All internal combustion engines require fuel and an oxidizer (typically oxygen) as a part of the combustion process. Increasing fuel is easy. But adding air—that requires a bit more creativity.

Enter FORCED INDUCTION. And what better to force some induction than through a turbocharger. What’s a turbocharger? I’m glad you asked.

What is a Turbocharger?

Simply put, a turbocharger is a type of pump that forces air into an internal combustion engine. It does so by using the kinetic energy (motion) of the engine’s exhaust gases to spin a turbine which in turn compresses the air entering the engine. The additional air, along with more fuel, helps create a more powerful combustion result (sort of like when you have more firewood you get a bigger fire) placing more force on the pistons resulting in more power.